At Somerset Christian Academy, we recognize that Jesus Christ is the source of all knowledge.

Our Beliefs

At Somerset Christian Academy, we recognize that Jesus Christ is the source of all knowledge, and that according to Proverbs 10:4, “Wise men lay up knowledge.”

The Bible is the guide for life; therefore, Bible study is a recognized part of the curriculum of Somerset Christian Academy. All students have a Bible class or chapel each day, which includes Bible study, Bible memorization, and practical Christian training.

We also realize that in order to be successful in what the Lord has called us to do, we at SBBCA must provide academic excellence to our students. Our curriculum, combined with our trained and dedicated staff, helps make us successful to that end. Many of our seniors continue to score more than 200 points higher than the national average on their SAT scores. The high school’s college preparatory curriculum enables graduates to be well prepared for college and adult life.

Curriculum and Courses

We rely heavily on the A Beka Book publications for our academic textbooks. This curriculum is hailed throughout the nation for its strong integration of biblical truth with a high level of scholastic training. English, math, science, history, Bible, speech, and foreign language are the subjects comprising the core curriculum of Somerset Christian Academy. High school electives include choir, physics, precalculus, consumer math, and economics.

Grading Scale

A+ 99 – 100A 95–98A- 93 – 94B+ 91 – 92B 86–90B- 84 – 85C+ 82 – 83C 77–81C- 75 – 76D+ 73 – 74D 68–72D66 – 67F 0–65


Nearly 100% of SBBCA graduates go on to higher education in both Christian and secular environments. Our desire is to see our graduates seek to follow the Lord’s will and serve Him in the place to which He has called them.

Honor Roll

An honor roll is published at the end of each grading period.

Report Cards

Somerset Christian Academy operates on a nine-week grading period. Report cards are typically sent home one week after the conclusion of the grading period. Report cards not only state the academic progress of the student, but also describe the conduct of that particular student. Parents are also kept informed of student progress throughout the year via email. Parents will see updates of grades every two weeks for each subject. Somerset Christian Academy requires a student to complete a program of study at least equivalent to the state of New Jersey.

A student must accumulate at least twenty-four (24) credits to graduate during the ninth through twelfth grades. The following number of credits is required:

Bible — 4 credits
English — 4 credits
Math — 4 credits
Science — 3 credits
American History — 1 credit
American Government/Economics — 1 credit each
World History — 1 credit
Physical Education — 4 credits
Speech — 1 credit
Foreign Language — 2 credits
Electives — (choir, physics, precalculus, consumer math, economics, and varsity sports)

Standardized Testing

Students at SBBCA perform very well on Standardized Testing each year. For example, most of this year’s upcoming seniors averaged more than 1700 on their SAT scores this year, that’s 200 points above the national average. Also, since 2005, SBBCA students have average scores near the 90th percentile nationwide.

Student Life

Our goal is to help students enjoy school life while building character and Christ-likeness.

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